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Rail Transit Rolling Stock High-end Equipment Supplier

Railway, urban rail rolling stock air-conditioner takes hold of leading position, ranked second in overall market

EMU, high speed railway special cable is ranked first in the industry  

Railway rolling stock power supply equipment,quickly grow up to the high-quality of the industry

Ground Power Supply Market Leader

Ranked first in railway market

Ranked first in urban rail transport market

Products cover 4 lateral & 4 portrait high speed railway lines, main rail lines like Beijing-Guangzhou rail, and mainly metro cities

Positive Innovator of New Products, New Technology, and New Business 

Producing high-end rail transit equipment for EMU, high speed railway, metro, etc. which is one of the localized leading companies

Metro braking energy storage and feedback system solution

Platform screen door/Safety door core control systems and intelligent solutions, which have independent intellectual property rights

Rolling stock dynamic safety testing system and traffic safety solution

Striding Forward to International Enterprise of Rail Transit

Acquisition of SMA RT in Germany

Rail transit rolling stock power supply technology reached the international leading level

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